Usually, in June, we’re talking about Wimbledon and the fantastic opportunities it brings to get into fancy dress and throw some great parties and Wimbledon-watching events, but this year the whole tennis extravaganza doesn’t begin until July 3, which leaves the sports fans amongst us at a bit of a loss.


That’s why we’ve been thinking about what can replace our favourite June costume event and we think we have an idea!  June is a great month for fancy dress parties and with the arrival of Wonder Woman on the big screen, it’s the perfect time to get your super-hero garb on and throw a barbecue or drinks party. Whether you opt for straight superheroes or a heroes and villains event you can organise superhero drinks and even set up some games on the Wii or other platform to test superhero skills.


The way to make superhero cocktails is to create a punch - we favour creme de menthe or blue curaçao to give the base punch the right colour, mixed in a large clear bowl. Buy a small amount of dry ice and - using tongs - drop a reasonable sized chunk of dry ice into the bowl right before you serve your punch. It will fog and swirl impressively and because the dry ice always sinks to the bottom of the bowl it won’t affect the quality of your drinks. Make sure you’re in charge of serving the punch so that you can remove the dry ice as soon as you’re ready, to ensure nobody accidentally ladles it up into their own glass as it can definitely cause cold burns if it touches any kind of skin at all.