Valentine’s Day is nearly here! What better way to celebrate your loved-up status than with a party … and a fancy dress party is the best way for a couple to be able to show their feelings for each other. We’ve seen some great couple costumes, and some not so great ones, over the years. At we really can’t recommend a pantomime horse as a Valentine’s Day Fancy Dress outfit … while it’s fun at the beginning of the evening, it becomes a real drag as the night goes on, and wearing half a costume isn’t a great look whilst joining up to be a complete horse soon gets to be a pain in the posterior! No, what we find works a lot better is a horse costume for one partner and a jockey outfit for the other … and for Valentine’s Day dressing up, you can get naughty by adding a crop and long gloves for a female dominatrix jockey which adds a little spice to the evening!

Other great Valentine’s Day fancy dress ideas include a convict couple - to make it really romantic you can paint both people’s initials on a ball and chain for the guy and give the convict girl a swag sack containing a velvet heart cushion or balloon with his name on.

Of course, not every costume needs a party - especially on Valentine’s Day! We know that lots of couples like fancy dress at this time of year, whether or not they’re planning to share their costume with a gang of friends or just with one special person. And why not … what can be more romantic than dressing up for the one you love? So whether you want to play at being a gangster and his moll, or doctors and nurses, we’ve got something just right for you.

Or if you prefer something a little more contemporary, why not try a Shrek and Fiona combo, or even a couple’s fancy dress from Top Gun or An Office and a Gentleman? Before you start to wonder, yes, we have both male and female costumes for those characters, so it doesn’t matter who wants to be the officer or the aviator, we’ve got the perfect fancy dress costume to make your fantasies come true.