Basically - don’t. After this week’s story about how an actor dressed as Zorro on his way home from an audition sparked a major incident at Los Angeles airport (where else!) we’d have to say that travelling in fancy dress is a bit of a high risk activity these days.  The poor chap probably wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, to have entered an international airport wearing a mask and carrying a sword (plastic) but it’s LA and maybe he dresses like that all the time?


Anyway, as hundreds of frightened travellers fled the scene and panicked reports of an ‘active shooter’ near the baggage carousels sent armed officers swarming though the building, we have a few tips to help you not create mayhem in your costume.


Pack your fancy dress with care


Many fancy dress costumes are made of specialist fabrics that look fantastic while remaining lightweight so you can move around easily. This does mean they can be a little wrinkle-prone so we recommend folding with great care or even rolling your outfit so that you don’t have to do too much remedial work at your destination.


Hot shower for costume drama


If you do get a few creases, the good news is that they should drop out easily. Run a hot shower, hang your costume from the shower rail away from the water and leave for a couple of hours or overnight. Wrinkles should be much reduced.


Pick an impact costume


If you’re going for a Butlin’s Big Weekend fancy dress or just a family friendly costume, picking something high impact that works for the entire family is a brilliant idea. One of our favourites is the Caveman look - this works for everybody from toddlers to teens to grandparents and you get some really impressive accessories such as our crazy cavewoman wig complete with bone! Another reason this is a great choice is that we offer inflatable clubs so they take up no room in your case but make a big impression once blown up!