If you’ve ever been to a foam party you know just how much fun they can be, but hiring a venue and foam machines is pretty expensive, so we have a cost-effective alternative - Baywatch!


Yes, with our own dedicated Baywatch section, you can invite your friends to a party that will absolutely rock their worlds. Whether you opt for a sexy women’s baywatch costume, release your inner Hasselhoff or channel Pamela Anderson, all you need to make this party a real success is some water. Now - if you’ve got a pool, or a friend with a pool, you’re absolutely certain to have a huge success, but even without a swimming pool, all you need is a lawn sprinkler to make this event a winner.


Of course people will pretty soon be jumping in and out of the spray and you can even have a competition for the best Baywatch pose caught on camera.


Making your own slip’n’slide is dead easy too:

  • But some plastic sheeting - often found in the paint section of DIY stores
    Roll out the plastic on the ground - try to find a slope, no matter how gradual, to help you
    Weigh it down with anything that won’t cause injuries to you or the sheeting - options include sandbags or pool noodles. The pool noodle approach is the most sensible, just buy a dozen or so from a pound store, roll the edges of the sheet around them and either velcro-strip it closed, or use a glue gun to seal it.
  • Pin the top edge down with tent pegs so it doesn’t move.
  • Use your lawn sprinkler or a hose set to spray and propped up to create a continuous flow of water down the slide.
  • Regularly add some dirt cheap shampoo or washing up liquid to the top of the slide to create a frictionless slide.
  • Jump on and have fun!