Summer is the best time of year to have a fancy dress party in the UK, because it’s a slightly better bet in terms of weather. Of course there are ways to really enjoy your fancy dress costume on a scorching hot day and we’ve got some tips to help you have the maximum fun.




Check your face paint is going to hold up on the day if it’s sunny. We recommend laying on a base of foundation before applying face-paint to give it a bit more staying power. If you get hot and don’t want to ruin your look, a small mister spray of cold water can refresh your face without smearing your carefully applied make-up.




The greatest impact definitely comes from ‘onesie’ or ‘jumpsuit’ fancy dress costumes but they can be hot. To make the best of your costume, we recommend showing up in your full fancy dress - like our adult monkey costume but being prepared to strip it off and have a minimal costume underneath. For the cheeky monkey, the stripped down look could be a monkey mask, a string of plastic bananas and a monkey tail attached to a pair of shirts. Worn with a brown T-shirt this is still a great look once everybody’s taken your picture in your full monkey outfit.




Seriously, our one biggest tip for summer costume parties is to find a barefoot or flipflop wearing character - it means you can cool your feet on the grass or dip them in the paddling pool without having to faff around taking shoes on or off. It really makes for a great party to have happy feet!




And finally, don’t neglect the sun cream just because you’re wearing fancy dress - particularly if you’re taking kids to a summer fancy dress party, remember to slap on the high sun factor sun protection and you’ll ensure they don't get sunburn to remember the party by.