April’s a huge month for fancy dress. First there’s April Fool’s Day, then the London Marathon and finally, 23 April is St George’s Day and we’re willing to bet that this year it will be an interesting event! After the Brexit referendum the English Saints day is going to be a very different experience and we’ve got just the outfit to suit, literally! Our St George costume makes the perfect medieval knight out of anybody wearing it.


It’s traditional to fly the flag, of course, and then a lot of people choose to wear England’s national flower, the rose, to commemorate the day. Local festivities can vary widely:


  • London has a big ‘Feast of St George’ in Trafalgar Square - a cross between a street party and a market, where there is live music and celebrity chefs cooking English food.
  • Liverpool goes one better by having an entire two day event, held in the St George’s Quarter, the daytime activities are very family friendly.
  • Finally, Nottingham has a traditional St George's Day parade which draws substantial crowds.


However you celebrate St George’s Day, we hope you do it in fancy dress style!