August is crazy with sporting excitement this year, from the final Ashes Test - a total nail biter - between 20 and 24 August which overlaps with the other big extravaganza, the Athletics World Championships in Beijing (hot stuff!) which runs from 22 to 30 August.


Of course, if you’re not a sports fan, this is all quite boring, so why not plan a party that works for the sports fan and the sports hater equally? You’ve heard of surf and turf, well at Cheap Fancy Dress we’re fans of Sport and Resort … and this is how you do it!


Send out your invitations to a fancy dress party, telling your guests that they have to come dressed as a sporting hero or a holiday-maker.


Divide your home or party space in two - in one half have outdoor bowls or cricket, some Nerf guns  with targets and other simple games so that people can compete for the prizes that will be awarded at the end of the party. A football piñata makes a brilliant competition because you can fill it with prizes and the party people in holiday costumes can cheer and jeer as the sportspeople try to smash the piñata. If you have a big screen TV, you can set it up to watch one of the sporting events so that the sports fans don’t feel they are missing out.


In the other half of you space set up parasols, an outdoor cocktail bar and a barbecue, with some catchy holiday tunes playing in the background. If you can manage a poolside party, so much the better, the sports-fans can swim while the holidaymakers spectate!


As your guests arrive, greet them appropriately - sporty types get a scorecard and an energy drink while holiday fans get a Hawaiian flower garland and a drink in a coconut. Let each side enjoy the fun, whilst making sure somebody tends the barbecue and tops up those drinks and remember to award those prizes to the best athlete in each game and the best fancy dress costume in each category.