While Netflix went with a video prank (obviously) our favourite giggle came from no less a publication than National Geographic which announced that it will no longer publish naked photos … of animals.


Yes, it claimed, from now on creatures in its photos must be dressed up in costumes. The mind totally boggles at how many people fell for that one!


But with several fun events coming up, you can use your dressing up skills a couple more times this month. First is St George’s Day, 23 April, which is a big patriotic event in the UK and where there will be no end of St George’s and crusader costumes in general, on show.


If you’d like to stand out from the crowd, we have a Union Jack costume which is really stunning - the British flag always looks amazing but on a second skin outfit it emblazons itself across the body and gives a fantastic patriotic effect. For those who can’t enjoy the chance to wear such a brilliant full body outfit, we have an ‘England Hat’ which can easily be taken off when its not appropriate to be worn but which gives you a chance to enjoy the saint’s day. Either way, some great British fun such as beer drinking and maypole dancing may be equally enjoyed in either costume!


Then, just 24 hours later, the London Marathon hits the streets and you get the chance to participate, spectate or watch it on TV and cheer on your favourite runner, whether that’s an international athlete or a fancy dress costumed fun runner raising money for charity.


Dozens of celebrities will take part, and spotting them on the TV screen is part of the fun of the day for many of us who can’t actually get to London to watch the day’s events and of course one of the most amazing experiences is watching people in absolutely insane costumes somehow managing to get around the course. From rhinos to telephone boxes and from pantomime horses to dominoes, we’ve loved seeing how much effort people put into the fancy dress they wear on the day.