We know how expensive it can be at this time of year - from the start of the autumn term though to Christmas it seems that all parents get to do is spend, spend, spend!


And of course part of that expense is that the easy entertainment of summer is over - the weather changes, the clocks go back and kids dont get to play around outside the way they used to. So indoor entertainment is required and that can be more expensive.  We like to help where we can, so weve got a couple of tips and tricks to make your money go further.


Repurpose last years Halloween costumes


We learned this one long ago - pack away last years halloween gear and use it as your decorations for this year. A few balloons to serve as headsand some old wire coat hangers twisted together as the bodies mean that you can hang or drape last years costumes around the house to look like the recently hideously deceased! One of our favourite tips is to hang a costume just outside the front door with a couple of flickering tea lights to illuminate it - break a couple of glow sticks, twist them into a heart shape and sellotape them inside the chest area of the costume - as your guests approach the glowing heart of the undead will really impress them! A glow in the dark cleaver right through the heart will definitely add a creepy note.


Use Halloween fancy dress as a game


This is fun too - weve never giggled so much as when watching people who are already in fancy dress completing the obstacle race of dressing themselves in another fancy dress costume over the top! Lay out halloween costumes down the room, first shoes, then clothing, then hats and finally accessories. Get your contestants to line up and blow a whistle as they head to the start line.  But heres the twist - as they try to dress, the next contestant in line is throwing a dice and as soon as they throw a six they run down the room and start to grab the clothing off the first runner so they can take over. As contestant #3 starts to throw the dice, the first one runs to the back of the queue and waits for their turn with the dice. Its seriously good fun and the winner is the first person to get fully dressed and reach the prize, a box that they must open to reveal a scary drink that they have to then  down in one. This game works for kids or adults (with a grown up cocktail as the prize) and never fails to break the ice.