If you want something a little different for your new year’s party this year, why not opt for Fancy Dress? But not just any old ‘come as whoever you like’ fancy dress party - make it a themed event!


Some of the most brilliant costume parties we've heard about in recent years involved setting a theme that related to the event - for New Year’s Eve these include:


The turning of the year


  • Time itself - anything from the crocodile with the ticking clock in Peter Pan through to sand timers, alarm clocks, Father Time with his scythe, digital wristwatch costumes … the sky is the limit here!)
  • The eleventh hour (expect mad scientists and Cinderella's, but you’ll be amazed what else your friends come up with)
  • The time you were born (dressing as the decade you were born into - this is a LOT of fun, especially if you have friends who don’t like admitting their true age!)


Fireworks, bells and bubbly


Lots of first footers with coal and kilts tend to show up for this one, but you’ll also have people show up in Big Ben costumes, as champagne bottles and quite a few rockets and Catherine wheels, probably.


New Year’s Resolutions


This is a fun topic for a New Year’s party and we’ve seen:


  1. People in national costume for those who’ve resolved to learn a language/take a trip
  2. People  dressed as cars who vow to pass their driving test this year
  3. Beefcakes in muscle suits committing themselves to exercise in the year ahead
  4. One chap came as a convict … his resolution was to not end up in trouble again - not sure how that worked out for him!


All these ideas add an extra sparkle to your New Year’s Eve party plans and can make your event the most talked about party of 2015, and the most talked about one of 2016 too!