And not just Magaluf, even though that’s the holy grail for the average Brit wanting a party all hours holiday. Pretty well every holiday resort offers at least one fancy dress party and knowing the ins and outs of costume party street cred abroad will win you much kudos.


  • Think white - think dirty. At least one bar in Magaluf will be having a white party every single week of the season - and from Club Med to Sandals, white parties are likely to be high on the fun list, so make sure you pack one outfit that works for a white party. Think “White Russian” and “Officer and a Gentleman” to be sure you get past the bouncers - a bed-sheet turned into a toga or your white skivvies with some beads just won’t make the cut. Bear in mind that a white party may turn into a foam or paint party at some point, so don’t bring anything you can’t afford to get ruined.


  • Pack like a pro. More and more, we're trying to get everything into our hand luggage and for Ibiza and Magaluf, savvy travellers have worked out how to get seven outfits into a cabin bag. We have suggestions for those tourists too. For women, pack a bright bikini and some costume jewellery - with a pair of net harem pants you’ve got a stylish oriental dancing girl outfit without taking up more than a tiny amount of extra space in your bag. For men, a linen blazer and a pair of shades can be worn in the day but let you get into Gatsby or Brideshead mode for a fancy dress party - just make sure you pack some hair gel for a super smooth hairstyle and a silk carnation for your buttonhole.


  • Team win. It’s still the case that team fancy dress will get you to the front of the queue in many Magaluf nightspots so if you can’t think of anything else, ‘dirty Smurfs’ (pack some blue body paint) may do you a big favour when you’re trying to get into a popular club.