Yes, we do too!

The problem is … how do you theme a party around space, SciFi and aliens?

We have the answer. Moon Landing Day! The first moonwalk took place on 21 July 1969 - that’s surely a good reason enough for a party.

There’s something really special about a room full of Spocks and Yodas, Terminators and Neos. It’s proper alterego fancy dress - and for men, in particular, an outer space and SciFi party allows them to really commit to the dressing up process in a way that no other theme will do. You see every single man believes he really is a Terminator, or a Predator, or at very least, Han Solo. So if you’re struggling to get the man in your life to want to dress up, this is the ideal way to persuade him to play along.

Of course, it’s slightly more difficult for women … the female costumes for outer space and SciFi are a little more limited than for men. There’s Princess Leia of course and both Ewoks and Stormtroopers are unisex but you may have to get a little more imaginative to find the costume you really desire. A viewing of Flash Gordon will get you in the mood for some eye-wateringly gorgeous female costumes including harem pant outfits while Barbarella is definitely adult face dress UK style!

Continue your theme with some ambient music, dry ice and some cocktails serve in futuristic containers. Outer space cake pops are the easiest things to make … you simply can’t go wrong because no matter how weird they look, it seems entirely intentional - as if you planned it, in fact!

Games are easy too - moonwalk contests, pin the Earth to the Solar System (guess what, you won’t even need a blindfold, we’re really bad at knowing where we live universe-wise) but the best game of all is to buy a space rocket and launch it!