The 2016 Eurovision Song Contest is almost here - the grand final takes place on Saturday 14 May and will be shown live from the Globe Arena in Stockholm. There are dozens of Eurovision parties being held around the world - one big one in each country for a start!  Whether you’re holding your own Eurovision-watching extravaganza or attending an event in a pub or somebody else’s home, we’ve got the lowdown on how to do it Euro-style.


Decorate like a Italian


Which means, go for it! Nothing restrained or stripped back Scandi about this event - a glitterball, some confetti, party poppers and multi-coloured pompoms for the cheerleading is just the beginning. Go kitsch, go nuts, go totally lurex … this is the one event where you cannot overdecorate.


Cook for England


Except don’t … cook or buy some food for every nation and don’t get too hung up on it. Most of the food should be snacky and you can always do booze for the nations that don’t have a great culinary heritage.


Dress for success


Give each guest a country and say they must come in national dress or dressed as a famous person of that nationality - there are 43 countries taking part so you can definitely give all your guests something to dress up in. Fancy dress costumes, like our macho matador can be bought or made but anybody who doesn’t come in costume has to wear whatever you require them too - an Australian hat with lederhosen and a string of French onions, for example!