Kermit might not agree, having famously sung ‘It’s not easy being green’, but we think that St Patrick’s Day parties are so much fun to organise that you’ll find it easy being green.

Begin with St Patrick’s Day decor

Get the kids to make some garlands with green crepe paper, they can make simple paper chains and then hang shamrocks off them. If you have a little cash to spend on decoration a few green helium balloons make a big difference to the look of the room. Make a really big leprechaun hat (the easiest way to do this is to put a cardboard brim painted black around an ordinary black dustbin and then put a cardboard or crepe paper hat band around it, paint it green and add a gold buckle. Instant beer cooler! Put your beers in it with some ice and watch your guests ooh and aah at your cleverness.

Costuming for a St Patrick’s Day Party

Leprechauns are traditional, so we like to concentrate on them. Traditionally they’ve always been male but we’ve got the world’s sexiest leprechaun costumes for gorgeous girls too. It’s traditional to kiss the Blarney Stone but we reckon that at your party you’ll be the one that gets kissed, if you invest in our super-cute St Patrick’s Day outfit.

St Paddy’s Day food

Let’s not get too hung up on food. Irish stew is easy - but let’s be honest, it’s not the easiest, nor most appealing, party food. We really like simply dying everything green with food dye - green mashed potatoes, little bites of toast covered in guacamole, green-dyed cream cheese dip with crackers. Really easy, really simple and really tasty. We favour pistachio ice-cream as a sweet treat, with a little Bailey’s Irish Cream poured over it!


The Pogues, U2, Thin Lizzie, Van Morrison, The Cranberries … there’s a plethora of great Irish bands to get your guests moving, and then, to calm them down, print out some Irish ballads like Danny Boy and play the instrumental version so that everybody can sing along (and cry). Then get them moving again with some Irish jigs - but make sure you’ve moved your good furniture out of the way, because it can get pretty lively once the Irish dancing starts!


Irish coffee, Guinness, Whiskey, Cider, Bailey’s, Potcheen … there’s no limit to what you can drink on St Paddy’s Day, but be sensible.  Too much booze isn’t good for your party or your guests, so make sure people have plenty to eat - soda bread and baked potatoes are good for soaking up alcohol for example. Then, instead of letting people drink too much, keep getting them to play silly games like writing limericks or kissing the Blarney stone (a very small pebble in the middle of the floor that they have to get their lips too without falling over, so that they have a great night without a morning they’ll regret!