So Keith Lemon just celebrated his birthday with an on-set fancy dress party!  We wish we’d been there. In fact, we’ve been going through our order list to see if any of the celebs involved might have place their fancy dress costume order with us.

The Celebrity Juice host welcomed Charlotte Crosby dressed as Cheryl Fernandez-dez-Versini, (still better known to us all as Cheryl Cole) and Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby who showed up as Edina and Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous.

Keith himself didn’t get his Wolverine costume from us, dare we say it - our claws are better! But Gino D’Acampo’s Robin costume (Batman and Robin, not red-breasted bird) looks just like ours, and there was a red-breasted bird, in the stripper that was booked for the event, but she didn’t thrill Keith as much as he’d hoped. You can google to find out why.

The great thing about fancy dress birthday parties is that you get such amazing selfies … Catwoman and Big Bird sharing a beer, a nurse and a vampire queueing for the loo, Elvis passed on out the sofa with Thor’s hammer cradled in his arms. All that stuff is such good fun, and you’ll discover things about your friends and family that you never knew. Just as Gok Wan turned up on Celebrity Juice dressed as Psy, you might find that your Uncle Eric always wanted to be a ballet dancer or your best friend’s little sister is not as shy as she pretends, when she turns up in cheerleader fancy dress!

If you’re planning a fancy dress party to celebrate a birthday, one fun way to do it is to set a theme - it might be children’s TV characters, superheroes, or sporting legends. One of our favourite recent parties, although it was pretty strange, was themed ‘ice cream flavours’ and while the jelly beans, strawberries and pantomime cows were quite predictable, even if still funny, we’re still shaking our heads at the inventiveness of the person who came dressed as raspberry ripple in a white dress wound round with a red scarf - clever and cheap!