Cheap fancy dress fashions, flops and successes


While we’re all in favour of having fun in fancy dress (and not spending too much cash into the bargain!) we’ve seen some cheap fancy dress ideas causing a bit of concern in recent months. A chap called Pedro Fonseca was photographed on the Tube in London dressed as what several commuters saw as ‘a suicide bomber’ and tweeted about.


Mr Fonseca himself says he was simply dressed as a soldier, along with some colleagues who were in police fancy dress costume but that’s not how it appeared to many onlookers who saw his backpack and a ‘fake bomb’ strapped to his chest, which he denies.  British Transport Police said,'While this incident was not reported to us by anyone on the train, it is insensitive and crass behaviour in the light of recent terrorist attacks across the world and the threat to the UK currently at severe.’


So if you’re going to dress up in something edgy, maybe it’s better not to take public transport?


On the other hand, charity employee Antonio Cortes, who was dressed as Superman saved a woman from being robbed. Apparently he was eating his breakfast at a pub when a scream caused him to run outside where he saw a man with his hands around a woman's throat at a cashpoint. Mr Cortes chased the man along the street and wrestled him to the ground until assistance arrived, and the attacker is now in the custody of Gloucester police.


Our only question about this is … why was he eating his breakfast in a pub in a Man of Steel costume?


Anyway, what we’ve learned about fancy dress in February is that Superheroes trump bad guys every time - and that with Valentine’s Day, you might want to invest in being one of the good guys or girls, as that seems to bring all the benefits including, perhaps, some romance …