Fancy dress is fun, no doubt about it. And the increase in Trick or Treat and Halloween parties is only one reason that we see a huge jump in fancy dress costume sales online over this period. The growth of Bonfire Night parades is another reason.


From Lewes in Sussex to the Perth Bonfire, family focused events are becoming ever more popular and fancy dress is becoming a big part of the fun for many people. Especially with events like the Perth Bonfire and Fireworks, which have a historical theme, we see lots of kid’s fancy dress costumes based on history being purchased - the WWI boy’s army costume is just one example.


To get the most out of a bonfire night parade or event, it’s really important to plan your travel. In Lewes, for example, there will be no trains running that evening because the crowds last year made travel unsafe. Think ahead and where possible find somewhere to stay within walking distance of the event - camping on a friend’s front room floor just adds to the fun! Remember that crowds are big and slow moving, so you need to allow extra time to get to and from your destination.


Finally, remember that if you’re attending events after dark with children, you need to take special care to ensure you don’t get separated or that the children know what to do if you are separated. Fancy dress is fun - but it can also be really difficult to spot your loved ones in a crowd where everybody is in fancy dress costume! One clever trick is to give your little ones a handful of glowstick brackets to activate and hold over their heads if they get lost - you’re more likely to spot the glow than the child and even in a crowd you can see the light rising upwards from quite a distance away.