We were a little disappointed to see the recent pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo and his little son Cristiano Ronaldo Jnr in fancy dress. Well … sort of.


Six year old CRJ had really got into the spirit of the fancy dress day in Madrid, with a furry mask and boots, sort of half Puss in Boots and half Wookie and totally cute and committed. However his dad was wearing all-black with a white scary face mask and black cape. It looked like he’d hardly bothered. At Cheap Fancy Dress we think that it’s not so much what you spend on your costume as the commitment that you make to wearing your costume with style. So we took a bit of time to think about what costumes would be best for a Cristiano Ronaldo who really wanted to wear fancy dress the way he plays football and here’s what we came up with:


  1. Best for six pack abs - we all know how Ronaldo likes to flash his muscles so we thought the Village People Native American costume would be ideal for that
  2. Ronaldo’s stealth and ability to get past the opposition would seem to make him a natural for a Ninja outfit
  3. Because he has the best moves, we also think that he’d be attracted to the male Dirty Dancing costume - especially because the slogan on the back is ‘Nobody puts Baby in a Corner’ and we all know that Ronaldo is brilliant at corners!


So we’re hoping that if Ronaldo gets to take his little boy to the same fancy dress event next year, he’ll have taken our advice and picked a fancy dress outfit that makes the most of his advantages and gives us all something really worth looking at.