Well, spring is well and truly sprung, the clocks have gone forward and we’re all excited about spring parties and events. Now we’ve put our Easter bonnets away, what’s next?

Two big opportunities for party fun this month - there’s St George’s Day on 25th April and the London Marathon on 26th - so the whole weekend is likely to be one long celebration. We’re quietly confident that we’ve got the award for the best costume all sewn up with our very cute 118-118 costume for ladies … the chaps might be more traditional but we’re betting that our stunning T-shirt and tutu combination which comes with sexy thigh high red and white stockings will take the prize wherever a prize is to be taken! You could say it’s a front runner …

 But before we settle down to watch the athletes, St George’s Day gives us a chance to demonstrate our patriotism - St George costumes, dragon outfits, bowlers and pinstripes or whatever fancy dress costume appeals to your inner Englishman, we’ve got the components of the right costume for you, so all you need to do is bring your creativity and sense of fun and we can provide the rest!

It’s good to be aware that there is more risk of snow in April than in December (yes, that’s a fact in the UK) so if you are planning a fancy dress party, make sure you’ve got some warm food as well as chilled drinks. If you’re attending a party rather than planning one, it’s a good idea to choose a costume that allows you to add some layers if you get  cold, so for a marathon runners outfit you could carry a handy silver thermal blanket, and for St George a nice warm cloak will make sure that you don’t shiver your way through the parade or the killing of the dragon in the back garden.