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What is claimed to be the world’s biggest pool party takes place at Mayrhofen, Austria, every year.  Held in a huge indoor heated swimming pool with waterfalls, rapids and a hot tub, internationally renowned DJ and inflatable craft.  That might be a bit beyond your scope - and ours - but August is the month for pool parties and we have a few tips:

1. Pick a theme - whether you go for pirates and mermaids or Baywatch, it’s easier for your guests if you give them a theme to work with.

And not just Magaluf, even though that’s the holy grail for the average Brit wanting a party all hours holiday. Pretty well every holiday resort offers at least one fancy dress party and knowing the ins and outs of costume party street cred abroad will win you much kudos.


  • Think white - think dirty. At least one bar in Magaluf will be having a white party every single week of the season - and from Club Med to Sandals, white parties are likely to be high on the fun list, so make sure you pack one outfit that works for a white party. Think “White Russian” and “Officer and a Gentleman” to be sure you get past the bouncers - a bed-sheet turned into a toga or your white skivvies with some beads just won’t make the cut. Bear in mind that a white party may turn into a foam or paint party at some point, so don’t bring anything you can’t afford to get ruined.

Usually, in June, we’re talking about Wimbledon and the fantastic opportunities it brings to get into fancy dress and throw some great parties and Wimbledon-watching events, but this year the whole tennis extravaganza doesn’t begin until July 3, which leaves the sports fans amongst us at a bit of a loss.


That’s why we’ve been thinking about what can replace our favourite June costume event and we think we have an idea!  June is a great month for fancy dress parties and with the arrival of Wonder Woman on the big screen, it’s the perfect time to get your super-hero garb on and throw a barbecue or drinks party. Whether you opt for straight superheroes or a heroes and villains event you can organise superhero drinks and even set up some games on the Wii or other platform to test superhero skills.

May the Fourth


May’s a good month if you’re looking for a chance to get into cheap fancy dress. First there’s May the Fourth when you can release your inner Jedi. Look out for lots of Princess Leia fancy dress outfits this year, in honour of Carrie Fisher who played the character and died in December 2016. But whether you’re a Darth Maul  or a Yoda, a Chewbacca or an Ewok, this is your chance to celebrate the film series in your own special way. And of course, Rogue One’s DVD release is giving the franchise a whole new lease of life.

April’s a huge month for fancy dress. First there’s April Fool’s Day, then the London Marathon and finally, 23 April is St George’s Day and we’re willing to bet that this year it will be an interesting event! After the Brexit referendum the English Saints day is going to be a very different experience and we’ve got just the outfit to suit, literally! Our St George costume makes the perfect medieval knight out of anybody wearing it.

We were a little disappointed to see the recent pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo and his little son Cristiano Ronaldo Jnr in fancy dress. Well … sort of.


Six year old CRJ had really got into the spirit of the fancy dress day in Madrid, with a furry mask and boots, sort of half Puss in Boots and half Wookie and totally cute and committed. However his dad was wearing all-black with a white scary face mask and black cape. It looked like he’d hardly bothered. At Cheap Fancy Dress we think that it’s not so much what you spend on your costume as the commitment that you make to wearing your costume with style. So we took a bit of time to think about what costumes would be best for a Cristiano Ronaldo who really wanted to wear fancy dress the way he plays football and here’s what we came up with:


Fun for all in fancy dress has become more and more common, in fact when a Bristol Harry Potter themed pub crawl was organised for this month, the tickets sold out in twenty minutes!  So popular was the idea that a second event has been arranged in the city for March. But you don’t have to live in Bristol to enjoy a fancy dress night out.


Fancy dress themed pub crawls are a brilliant way to have fun and raise money for good causes, and most publicans would be delighted to host a planned event that brings business to their doors. Of course pubs aren’t the only places that are happy to host fancy dress costume events, we’ve also seen several ‘coffee crawls’ in major cities where families can participate in travelling from coffee shop to coffee shop discovering treats available in local independent establishments. There’s even been a market crawl, where schoolchildren in fancy dress were taken from stall to stall on a combination treasure hunt and food taster, which introduced them to foods they might not otherwise have eaten.


So if you fancy heading out in fancy dress, we have some great suggestions for you. Whether you’re supporting a Race for Life or any other Wear It Pink event, we have an excellent range of costume accessories to make your outfit sparkle. Then we have lots of Hen Night and Stag Night costumes to bring fun to the most special occasions. Finally, we’ve got great TV costumes to ensure that your place in the pub crawl or fun run is greeted with cheers and laughter. 

Nobody knows. No seriously, nobody. It’s been going on since the late 1990s, and it’s become such a big deal that there are even prizes for the best fancy dress costumes on show at big darts venues like the Alexandra Palace or ‘ally pally’ as it’s known.


In December 2016, one darts fan showed his love for the game by dressing up as a giant dart board and other popular costumes this year include vicars, the Teletubbies and brash suits - especially stripes and Union Jacks.


Group costumes are super popular and our favourite theme for 2017 is fancy dress zoo costumes where one person dresses up as the lion tamer and everybody else chooses an animal costume - suitable for all ages and sizes, we think this is a real winner! And it’s also the best way to get yourself on TV if you’re attending the darts and want to be featured in the crowd shots.

Fancy dress is fun, no doubt about it. And the increase in Trick or Treat and Halloween parties is only one reason that we see a huge jump in fancy dress costume sales online over this period. The growth of Bonfire Night parades is another reason.


From Lewes in Sussex to the Perth Bonfire, family focused events are becoming ever more popular and fancy dress is becoming a big part of the fun for many people. Especially with events like the Perth Bonfire and Fireworks, which have a historical theme, we see lots of kid’s fancy dress costumes based on history being purchased - the WWI boy’s army costume is just one example.


Who doesn’t love a halloween party? But who has spare cash to throw a party in November? Exactly. So here are the CFD top tips for a great party without a huge price.


1. Make decorations out of household rubbish - old wine bottles with a candle in them look creepy, but make them even creepier by turning them round and painting a ghost on them with white paint and a stencil - super creepy! Clementines with zombie faces drawn on with permanent marker are a fun treat, and make good decorations, as do rubbish bag spider webs pinned up in doorways.


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